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Measures of Success

Measures of Success

The Directors of the Company are aware of the competitive nature of the childrens’ care provision market and are determined to benchmark other organisations to ensure that the standards achieved by Hopscotch Care are the very best. 

The measurement of the Company’s success will not be based on the throughput of young people but the successful placement of them into the next stage of their lives. 

The company prides itself on ensuring the young people get the very best education provision that suits there stages of learning. This might include mainstream school, SEN unit, PRU, college or individual tuition.

We work closely with the placing local authorities to ensure that we respond to the changing needs of the Children in our care.


Hopscotch has its own transition plans which start when the young people are felt to be settles and self confident enough to start the process of living independently. Ensuring young people have bank accounts and passports is a first step.  Encouraging various different activities, part time work, shopping , cooking, using public transport are all basic processes but the Hopscotch Transition Booklet covers every aspect of living independently that a young person might need. Key workers and other staff will work through the booklet with the young person or they can do this by themselves and they are encouraged to ask questions and to engage in the process with increased concentration on this as they are getting close to their date of departure.