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What We Offer

  “We need to ensure that children in care are provided with the one thing which they have told us makes the single biggest difference to their lives: being in the right placement...”

If you would like further information about the company or are enquiring about placement opportunities please contact: enquiries@hopscotch-care.org


The Referral Process

Referrals can be made at any time: The Registered Managers and Deputies have delegated authority to accept placements.

For Carnforth telephone 01524 727695 or email  enquiries@hopscotch-care.org.

For Carlisle telephone 01228 512012 or email  information@hopscotch-care.org

Emergency placements can be taken if there are spaces. 

The home is staffed 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The Assessment
Hopscotch Care has a comprehensive admission process to ensure the impact on the current young people resident on the home is assessed and the effect on the new resident of the relationships and individuals in the home is taken into account before a referral is accepted. 

Placement authorities are requested to provide a comprehensive Placement Plan to enable the Registered Manager to complete the impact assessment and to ensure the young person receives the best care particularly in the first two weeks.

The Care Planning Process after admission
Hopscotch has comprehensive planning process for every young person which results in the production of the  Hopscotch Living Plan combining all of the relevant information on the history of the young person to formulate the improvement strategy that is monitored throughout their stay at Hopscotch.


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